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[Short Film] Watch the film here

Directed by Henry Ian Cusick. Featuring Henry Ian Cusick, Loretta Ables, Asher Abraham, Ho’Ano Au,  Maile Holck, Ho’ano Au, and Asher Margado.

Filmed on location in O’ahu. Winner of Audience Award, Hawaii International Film Festival.

[Short Film] Watch the film here
Directed by Kyle Wilamowski
Featuring Michael Braun, Alfredo Narciso, and Teresa Avia Lim.
Recipient of Leviathan Lab’s Short Film Initiative.

We Are The Internsdownload.jpg
[Comedy Web Series]
Directed by Jeremy Rishe. Featuring Ryan O’Dell, Tommy Nelson, Lorian Gish, Ian Allen Jones, Julio Sanchez, Mason Taylor, Chrissy Bisbee, Sarah Stryker, Victoria Beckett, and Kim Bonifay

Same Will
[Short film]
Directed by Bruce X. Li. Featuring Francis Jue, Danielle MaCole Horibe, and Pun Bandhu

A Good House
[Short film]
Directed by Steve Yager. Featuring Alfredo NarcisoPeter McCainKelly Walker, and Isabella Witt