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https___cdn.evbuc.com_images_63961214_240051392998_1_originalwe, the invisibles
Cast: 5 + 30 (flexible doubling)
Stirred by a controversial case in which a West African maid’s accusation against a powerful man is dismissed, Susan, a playwright working a survival job at a luxury hotel, interviews fellow employees from around the world. As her investigation deepens, this documentary project becomes an unexpectedly personal journey. we, the invisibles explores the complicated relationship between the movers and shakers and the people who change their sheets.

iambadatthis-1.pngToday Is My Birthday

Cast: 5 + (flexible doubling)
Emily is a would-be writer whose bubble life in NYC has popped. Finding life back home chaotic and unfulfilling, she becomes strangely activated after creating a sassy alter-ego for a radio bit. Told through a playful mixture of live radio, voicemail, and phone calls, Today Is My Birthday is a quirky comedy about life with a thousand friends on Facebook and no one to have dinner with on Saturday night.


1549926376-Both-Your-Houses-ticketsBoth Your Houses
Cast: 13
Romances blossom, resentments fester, and rumors spread at a performance of Romeo and Juliet. Both Your Houses shines a spotlight on life in a regional theater, the #MeToo movement, and what it means to raise your voice.


Cast: 6–10
Yuko is the Top Star of the Takarazuka, an all-female Japanese performance troupe, that has put on lavishly staged spectacles for decades. Facing retirement, Yuko begins to be haunted by the ghost of a former top star. Mysterious events happen at the theater as Yuko’s sayonara performance looms and a new star is set to rise to the top.

The Things Are Against Us [Les Choses Sont Contre Nous]

Cast: 5

Lorca. Two sisters, one claw-foot bathtub, and a young man trying to unearth the dark secrets of his grandfather’s past. All roads lead to a mysterious house with a mind of its own. There are bones in the basement and creaking within. The Spreckle house invites you to spend the night.

Cast: 6

In 1926, British mystery writer Agatha Christie disappeared in England. Her car was found in a chalk quarry and thousands of fans searched for the beloved author, as suspicion was cast on her adulterous husband, Archie Christie. On the eleventh day, she was discovered and claimed amnesia, never speaking or writing about the incident again. In a fictional retelling of this real life disappearance, SEEK imagines Agatha on the Big Island of Hawaii in Puna: a rough and unforgiving landscape. Burdened by a secret and chased halfway around the world, Agatha’s life begins to resemble the dark stories she imagined.

Cast: 1 M, 2 F

An inexplicable and mysterious event sends Cydney on a search for a divine solution to an ordinary problem, in this quirky, language-driven play inspired by Leda and the Swan.

Cast: 3M, 3F

Alona, an elderly Serbian immigrant, is afraid an intruder has broken. She enlists her dubious neighbor to help. Inside they discover the intruder to be a large furry animal. Soon, they are horrified to realize the intruder is actually a mysterious young woman in a strange fur coat.

The Underneath
3 M, 2 W

Set in the shadowy landscape of downtown Honolulu, a man searches for his missing younger brother.  He gets a rude awaking when his memory and present day reality collide.



Whatever Happened to John Boy Kihano?
Cast: 9
Loosely inspired by a real-life disappearance, John Boy is the story of a Hawaiian-Chinese fisherman plunges his family into a crisis when he returns home claiming to have given his youngest son to a woman the cannot prove exists.


Art Of Preservation [1 Act Play]
Cast: 2

A difficult librarian and a local boy who never grew up, are trapped in a library basement in Kauai by heavy rainstorm. When the threat of a flood becomes imminent, they must decide what’s worth saving.
Published by Broadway Press Publishing. To purchase click here


20101203_fea_nav.jpgNavigator – Kilo Hoku [Play for Young Audience]
Cast: 4

Combining hula, chant, history and hard science this production explores ancient and modern stories of navigation. Questions of identity, geography and history collide when two young women, one modern and one ancient, find themselves wrestling with the stars and sea to discover their place in the world

The Nose [Play For Young Audience/ Adaptation)screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-2-13-51-pm
One morning, the barber Ivan Yakovlevich wakes up and learns that his wife has made fresh-baked bread. He cuts the loaf in half and – surprise! – finds a nose in the middle of it. What’s even stranger is that Ivan recognizes that the nose belongs to Collegiate Assessor Kovalyov. This play can be performed by a large group.




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