Still from Distinct Daily film, directed by Alex Amoling

– Distinct Daily’s Featured Artist Film about writing process and tour of writing studio

– Time Warner Foundation New Works/New Voices: Susan Soon He Stanton

– Working In The Theatre: Playwrights – American Theater Wing documentary featuring Jose Rivera, Dominique Morriseau, Susan Soon He Stanton, Christopher Oscar Pena, and A. Rey Pamatmat

– Clubbed Thumb: Susan Soon He Stanton Unmasked

– Yale School of Drama Playwriting


– “An Analog Play About Digital Life” – HNL Metro cover story

– “Interview: Playwright Susan Soon He Stanton” – BanterGirl 

– “Playlabs 2016 Interview: Susan Soon He Stanton” – Playwrights Center

– “I Interview Playwrights Part 458: Susan Soon He Stanton” – Adam Szymkowicz’s Blog

– “Susan Soon He Stanton: Making It As A Playwright” – The Conversation: Hawaii Public Radio

– “Susan Stanton – Storyteller Within” – Punahou Bulletin

individual play press/reviews

The Things Are Against Us [Washington Ensemble Theater Production]

Things Are Against Us – WET, Sammie Spring Detzler & Allison Standley, directed by Bobbin Ramsey

– “Washington Ensemble Theater Returns to their experimental roots with The Things Are Against Us” – The Stranger

– “A little trip into the ‘Twilight Zone’ with Washington Ensemble Theatre” – Seattle Times

– “Unraveling the Mysteries of Sisterly Love” – TeenTix

– “Review: Washington Ensemble’s The Things Are Against Us Is A Frightfully Good Time” – The DoStuff Network

The Things Are Against Us – Yale Carlotta Festival

The Things Are Against Us – YSD, Chris Henry, Jill Taylor, Michael Place, directed by Jesse Jou

Cygnus – Women’s Project Pipeline Festival

Cygnus – WP Pipeline, Teresa Avia Lim & Damon Daunno, directed by Danya Taymore

– “The Next Generation: Women’s Project Theater’s The Pipeline Festival” – The Interval

– Behind The Scenes: Cygnus

– “The Women’s Project Is Building a Better Pipeline” – American Theater Magazine

TAKARAZUKA !!! – East West Players 

TAKARAZUKA!!! – EWP, Grace Yoo & Jannelle Dote, directed by Leslie Ishii

– “In ‘Takarazuka!!!,’ coming of age in a blend of gender roles” – LA Times

– “TAKARAZUKA!!! – Another Fine Production for East West Players’ Successful Resume” – Broadway World

– “East West Players’ Gender Bender” – LA Downtown News

– “TAKARAZUKA!!!” – Stage Scenes LA

TAKARAZUKA!!! – Clubbed Thumb

Takarazuka!!! – Clubbed Thumb, Brook Ishibashi, Jennifer Ikeda, & Angela Lin, directed by Lear DeBessonet

– “Review: Takarazuka!!!” – Time Out New York

Takarazuka!!! Behind the Scenes

– “Male Impersonators in Broadway-like Musicals: Takarazuka!!!” – NewYorkTheatre.ME Blog

– “THEATER: Takarazuka!!!” – Kul Theater Blog

– “Summer Stages – Theater Beyond Shakespeare” –  New York Times

– “NY Review: Takarazuka!!!” –  BackStage

– “Takarazuka!!! Opens Clubbed Thumb Summer Works” – Village Voice

– “From Clubbed Thumb” – New York Times

Whatever Happened to John Boy Kihano?


-“When A Child Vanishes” – Honolulu Advertiser

– “Spirited Away” – Honolulu Weekly

– “When Tragedy Strikes” – Honolulu Star Bulletin

– “Whatever Happened to John Boy Kihano” – Honolulu Advertiser

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